Dr John Cadden

General Practitioner



Special interests:

  • Skin Cancer
  • Paediatrics
  • Remote & Rural Medicine

Dr John Cadden supports patients who have physical, mental and emotional health problems, and has special interests in skin cancer and minor surgeries. His knowledge is well founded and his experience is broad, which means he is well equipped to accurately diagnose and effectively treat the problems he sees.

Having completed his Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery degree at the University of Queensland in 1975, Dr Cadden stepped into his first medical role at Cairns Base Hospital. However, it was during the 16 years he spent working in country practice in Gympie from 1978 that he faced every conceivable medical condition, including surgery. His horizons were further broadened in 1994 when he became a world locum and worked in countries including New Zealand, Africa, Ireland and Canada.

In 1999 Dr Cadden commenced his first engagement with the Australian Antarctic Division Polar Medicine Unit as part of a team that delivers all medical, surgical, dental and pathology services to the people stationed in the region. He continues to return to Antarctica every second year and has completed seven engagements to date, including two long winters.

Dr Cadden joined the Sinnamon Park Medical Centre in 2008 and considers that he has the best job in the world thanks to his broad medical life and the people – both patients and staff – that he works with.

In 2016, Dr Cadden was awarded an ‘Australian Antarctic Medal, AAM’ by the Governor General to acknowledge his services to the Australian Antarctic Division for his medical support of the science programs in Antarctica.

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