David Hall

David Hall

Consultant Pharmacist & Care Plan Manager


Special interests:

  • Pharmacy
  • Care Plan Management

David Hall is a born and bred South East Queenslander. Growing up in Ipswich, he was sports crazy and aspired to being an international sports star, but it was the kind and gentle local family pharmacist who eventually inspired him to pursue a pharmaceutical career.

David attended the University of Queensland and completed a Bachelor of Pharmacy in 1994. After six years working in an Ipswich pharmacy, he received an offer to work in Beaudesert, which turned out to be a pivotal life decision. During six years in Beaudesert, David purchased a half share in a local medical centre pharmacy, met his wife and welcomed the arrival of his two children. For David, one of the best things about working in Beaudesert was the patient/service orientation of his pharmacy. He knew his patients by name and understood how they fit into the community

When the family decided to move to Brisbane in 2008, David joined a Yeronga pharmacy, and continued for five years to work a few days a week in his old Beaudesert pharmacy as a non-owner.

In 2018 David completed a consultant pharmacist course that enabled him to conduct government-funded Home Medicines Reviews and Residential Aged Care Facility Medication Reviews. David still finds that getting to know people and helping patients manage their medicines and health are the most satisfying things about his work. He is excited to join Sinnamon Park Medical Centre and provide quality health management and promotion services, especially care plans, diabetes reviews and health assessments.

Further information and resources:

  • Health Direct – Information about how Home Medicines Reviews can help you manage medications carefully.
  • Diabetes Queensland – Support, information and resources about Diabetes.

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