Response to Survey for Patients

As part of our aim to continually improve the quality of health care we provide, we recently asked a random sample of our patients to participate in a survey about their experiences at the practice.


Overall, 285 patients of the practice took part in the survey. This was a great response and we would like to thank those involved for taking the time to participate.

Your responses and comments have provided us with meaningful information and valuable insights about how we are performing and will ensure that we continue to improve our care for you and for all patients of the practice.

Overwhelmingly, the results of the survey were very positive, with 98% of all ratings about the practice falling into a good, very good or excellent category.

Additionally, compared to previous results, (in 2013 and 2017, and 2020) the practice has maintained or improved patient approval ratings in all sections surveyed. This is an extremely pleasing result for the practice as it supports our goal of continuous improvement.

We would also like to acknowledge the specific compliments provided by survey participants about our practice and team members. These comments are extremely gratifying and further reinforce our resolve and commitment to provide exceptional health care.

Exceeding Expectations

In particular, areas where you stated that we are doing very well and exceeding expectations include:

  • making an appointment, whether for an in-person or telehealth consultation
  • satisfaction with your consultation
  • warmth of greeting provided by your doctor
  • ability of your doctor to listen, provide explanations and reassurance
  • confidence in the ability of your doctor
  • ability to express concerns and fears with your doctor
  • respect and concern shown by your doctor
  • time allowed with your doctor
  • treatment by all practice staff
  • coordination of care
  • overall satisfaction with the practice

Improvement Areas

Whilst these results are very encouraging, we understand that it is equally important to identify where we are not exceeding your expectations and look at practical and realistic ways the practice can improve in these categories.

In particular, you stated that we could improve in the following areas:

  • waiting time to see doctors
  • lift access to the practice
  • ease of parking for patients with mobility concerns
  • more variety of information on waiting room TV
  • ability for patients to book with their usual doctor/doctor of choice

After discussing the results of the survey, the practice team have devised an action plan to bring about changes in these areas where possible and appropriate to do so.

You can find details of our action plan on the back of this newsletter and on the waiting room noticeboard.

Additionally, if you would like more detailed information about the results – of the survey, please ask to speak to Amanda, our practice manager.

SPMC is committed to continually improving the service we deliver to you. We therefore encourage and invite you to provide feedback about the quality of the service we provide.  The most effective ways to do this include:

  • contacting our practice manager at reception or through our website
  • speaking to your doctor when you visit


Action Plan

Steps we are going to take to ensure improvement in the areas you outlined in the survey:

Improve Waiting Times and Communication About Delays

What we are doing:

We will continue to strive to minimise waiting times, however, as patient safety is and always will be our number one priority, delays are often unavoidable.

Keeping this in mind, our team has identified areas where improvement can occur and has developed actions that aim to optimise waiting times.

These include:

  • Ensuring that appointments continue to be booked as accurately as possible.
  • Ensuring that the length of time allocated for your appointment is appropriate based on your reason for visiting. This may be why you are asked when booking your appointment if you have multiple health issues or complex medical conditions to discuss or require a procedure to be performed (e.g. cervical screening test/ care plan/ mental health plan).
  • The use of SMS to confirm booked appointments (e.g. reduced appointment errors). Please advise reception if you would like to receive SMS appointment reminders.
  • Unfortunately, it is not viable for the practice to contact you in advance when there are delays (apart from exceptional circumstances), however, we believe we can improve the way we communicate wait times when you arrive at the practice. Therefore, our aim is to inform you at check-in about wait times and provide updates where possible. Please feel comfortable to ask us about wait times and inform us if a delay is causing you concern.
Ability to Book With Usual Doctor/Doctor of Choice?

What we are doing:

Our combined practice hours exceed 300 consulting hours each week and the practice is open between 7am and 7pm. Our goal is to provide patients with the chance to see their doctor of choice; but when their consulting schedule is already full, patients are encouraged and welcome to see another doctor at the practice with more timely appointment availability.

Variety of Information on Waiting Room TV

What we are doing:

We are currently investigating options to further improve the waiting room experience including:

  • improved variety of health awareness information
  • improved waiting room TV entertainment options (including some photos from Dr Cadden’s Antarctic adventures)

For those patients who prefer to catch up on information via their mobile device, the practice maintains free Guest Wi-Fi options.

Lift Access to the Practice

What we are doing:

We recognize the difficulties some patients have experienced when the building lift has malfunctioned. Unfortunately, the lift is not owned by the medical centre, but we are proactive with our landlord in ensuring any issues are promptly investigated and rectified. It is encouraging to note that at the time of releasing this newsletter, the increased service and maintenance schedule adopted by the landlord seems to be resulting in fewer issues.

Ease of Parking for Patients With Mobility Concerns

What we are doing:

Thank you to our loyal patients who embarked on our relocation journey at the beginning of 2023. We did have parking challenges at the beginning while the site was under construction, but for the most part, there is adequate parking on site, although we recognize that access from your car park to the practice can be difficult for some patients. We have worked with the landlord to ensure that there is adequate car park signage for medical practice patients. Your feedback also alerted us to the issue of non medical practice personnel using dedicated patient car parks for their business. We have addressed this issue with the third party and will continue to monitor the availability of patient car parks for patients of the practice.

Through continuing medical education, our independent doctors provide advanced care in a traditional environment.





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Dr Margaret Hall