Travel Vaccinations

Our group of independent GPs are all experienced in travel vaccinations. Regardless of where you are travelling, or how long you plan to be away, they can support you by providing the advice and the vaccinations you need.

What travel vaccinations do I need?

There is no standard immunisation schedule to suit everyone. Your travel vaccination needs are not only determined by the country or countries you are visiting, but also your age, medical history, vaccination history, length of travel time and what activities you intend to participate in while travelling. Our independent GPs can work with you to determine what’s right for you.

Can I get all of my travel vaccines administered at SPMC?

Yes, SPMC is able to administer all the travel vaccinations that you may need for travel.

All vaccines (apart from Yellow Fever which must be purchased from the practice) will need to be purchased from your local pharmacy and will require a prescription. Additionally, the Yellow Fever vaccine can only be administered by an accredited Yellow Fever doctor (reception can advise which doctors can administer the Yellow Fever vaccine).

I’ve been vaccinated previously. Do I need to be vaccinated again?

It really depends on what you’ve been vaccinated for and where you’re travelling to. You may have immunity to some diseases but not others. The vaccinations you need may also depend upon where you were born and your age. Talk to one of our independent doctors about your circumstances.

When should I get vaccinated?

Our practice recommends you visit your doctor six to 12 weeks before you travel. Remember, some vaccinations only require one dose, while others require more than one, with some time in-between. Planning ahead should also allow for unexpected vaccine shortages.

Have I left it too late?

Not necessarily. While the full effect of most vaccines will take up to 14 days, the majority of vaccines may still be beneficial if given just before departure (most malaria medication is taken 1-2 days before departure) and depending on your itinerary (location and activities) you may not need immunity immediately.

Importantly, regardless of when you visit, your doctor will be able to advise you on what vaccines would still be recommended and will provide advice on extra precautions you can take to minimise your risk.

What are some of the possible side effects?

Most side effects are very rare. However, soreness and a slight swelling at the injection site are expected. Some people can feel tired and/or experience a mild fever. It depends on the vaccination and the individual. Talk to your doctor about the possible side effects of the travel vaccinations you’re receiving.

How to organise:

Contact reception on 07 3279 0444 and request an appointment for travel vaccinations.

Who can I speak to if I have any questions?

Please contact reception and ask to speak to one of our practice nurses; alternatively, you could speak to your GP at your next visit.

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