45-49-Year-Old Health Check

Prevention is always better than a cure


The mid-to-late forties age range is a time when the early signs of chronic disease can appear. Arthritis, diabetes, osteoporosis, heart health are some of the potential health issues that can arise. The symptoms may only be mild, and disease only detectable through blood tests or comprehensive screening.

Middle age can be a busy and challenging time in your life. Work pressures and family commitments can leave you with little time to pause and put yourself first.

Therefore, it is completely understandable that one of the most important, if not the most important aspects of your life is overlooked – YOUR HEALTH!

45-49 Year Old Health Check

Now is your time to act

Did you know… early detection, intervention, and treatment (if required) of disease may:

  • delay or prevent the onset of chronic disease
  • reduce the severity of disease (symptoms and progression), including arthritis, diabetes, osteoporosis, and hearth health
  • improve future quality of life

Our Independent GPs encourage all people aged between 45-49 years to:

  • Be aware of their current state of health, including risk factors and signs and symptoms of chronic disease.
  • Develop and maintain an ongoing professional relationship with a GP who is aware of their medical history.
  • Make an appointment for a Medicare-funded 45-49 Health Check (if eligible, no out of pocket expense).

Who should have a 45-49 Health Check?

All people aged between 45 and 49 should have a health check. It’s even more important If you have symptoms of a chronic disease.

Risk factors include:

  • high blood pressure
  • family history of disease (e.g. cancer, diabetes, heart, kidney, respiratory, depression)
  • high cholesterol (or family history of)
  • smoking
  • excessive alcohol consumption
  • lack of physical activity/sedentary lifestyle
  • overweight/unbalanced diet
  • high stress levels
  • sun exposure.

What does a 45-49 Health Check involve?

An appointment will take 60-75 minutes. One of our trusted, independent GPs will:

  • update your medical history
  • ask questions to assess your current health and risk factors
  • complete a brief physical examination to measure your blood pressure, weight and blood sugar, and perform a skin check
  • take a blood test (to check cholesterol, electrolytes, kidney and liver function)
  • provide you with practical advice and information on how to make lifestyle changes that will improve your health and reduce your risk of developing future chronic disease.

Your Medicare rebate eligibility

If you are aged 45-49 and have not previously had a 45-49 Health Check, you will be eligible for a Medicare rebate and will incur no out-of-pocket expense.
Depending on the outcome of your health check, further tests and appointments may be required, potentially incurring additional costs.
You may also be eligible for further government funded plans and programs including:

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My Health for Life

Beyond Blue

Heart Foundation

Cancer Council


When was your last check-up?

Regular visits with the CDM Team or your doctor will help to make sure any health issues don’t go undiscovered.




Make an appointment for a 45-49 Health Check

There is no time like the present, especially when dealing with your health!

Contact reception or speak to your doctor and ask specifically for a 45-49 Health Check! Your future self will thank you!

Dr John Cadden